Art & Thief

Art & Thief is a game made for a Game Jam organised by BeMyApp at ISART Digital Paris. It was one the best Game Jam that I ever made, It was really fun and the game was great.

Everything Started at ISART Digital, when I was a student in Game Art. For my ending year’s project I was working on a Point&Click and it was when I finaly finished it (a few weeks before the dead-line) that I started my new project. Art & Thief,  was his name, it was a game in wich 4 players was the guardians of a museum and the 4 others was thieves. You had to stole Art from the museum and to find the exit to valid the points, but the Guardians was there to stop you with their rocket launchers. Each Art destroyed by rockets cost points to the team of Guardians and to the end of each rounds the teams had to exchange their roles (Guardians became Thieves and Thieves became Guardians). I was just a student in Game Art, I wasn’t develloper and I just wanted to try to make a Game Design, just for fun.

A few years later, I hear about the BeMyApp “World Cup” special video games, a Game Jam organised my BeMyApp at ISART Digital Paris, where I was student. BeMyApp asked to everyone who had ideas to give to them a PDF to present our project. I quickly thought that it was the good moment to make of “Art & thief” a reality. I made some new artworks and a few weeks later I was there at ISART Digital, Paris. It was the first time for me to come to a Game Jam as Game Designer. One by one, those who wanted to present their ideas were invited on stage to convince people that their project was great and to work with them. After that, I quickly finded 7 people motivated to work with me.

“I made the 3D and the animations 2D”

In the beginning, Art & Thief was a game multiplayers, but fast we realized that it was impossible to have a great game with the multiplayer as main feature. So we decided to change the game, we made a solo experience. The levels was “open” like they could be for the multiplayer, I wanted to make a Game in wich the players could have to comeback a few times on each levels to finish it at 100%. For that we had a few “rooms” for each levels, some more difficult than others, so the players have to explore and to try differents wait to success. For the solo experience we had Titouan Toqué-Tressonne, the programmer who made a great AI for the guadians. He was the only one programmer on this project to have the skills that we needed to make this game. I made the 3D and the animations 2D but I had a really great artist to worked with me, Guillaume Baptiste. This artist understanded really fast the world that I created for this game and he made a great job of texturing, he also made all the UI on this project. When I had a lot of things to do for this projetc and I was really happy to have Brian Pitet to help me for the Game and Level Design. Because pictures and Game Design are not enought to make a game, we had the chance to work with François Cocheteux, he made the sound design and the wonderful music of this game, we worked a lot to find the perfect sound for this univers and we did it, Art & Thief have the best music ever made for Game made in 48h! To help us with our choices we had the chance to have some advises from Nicolas Sorel (Director of Magma Mobile and founder of CodeS-SourceS).

This Jam was special it was the first time that I saw a jury to choice “the best project”. Art & Thief was the most popular project at this event. But unfortunately, the programmers and the Level Designer, didn’t have the time to delete the first level made (it was made to the start to teach to peoples how to play, but we made a much better work later on the second level), the jury didn’t knew it so they choiced another project for the first place… we had the second place, at least 10 projects was made for this event. We didn’t lost everything, we made a really great game and it was really fun to work with those peoples. After the Jam Nicolas Sorel invited us to come at Magma Mobile, to present our game to his team. That is what we did a month later, Titouan Toqué-TressonneBrian Pitet and me.

Titouan Toqué-Tressonne : Programmer, François Cocheteux : Sound Designer, Guillaume Baptiste : Graphic Designer 2D, Brian Pitet : Game Design, DoX : ArtDirection/Game Designer/2DAnimation.

Download and play game :


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