“King of the World” at Geekopolis Paris

The “GCJ” (Grande confiture de jeux) is organised every years, by E-Artsup (a french school about animations, Game Desin and more), “Potion of Wit” and the Jam Shaker. This time all the games made for the event could be show to the French festival, Geekopolis. So I contacted a friend of mine, who is living in Tunisia, to ask him to work with me for this event by using Facebook, Skype, Dropbox and Trello… he accepted the challenge. His name is Aladine Dhiabi, he is a indie develloper.

“Aladine couldn’t work before the sunday.”

This year the theme was “Throne”, like for almost every Game Jam it started the Friday evening. We was ready to start but we had a little problem, I couldn’t work the sunday (morning and afternoon) and Aladine couldn’t work before the sunday. So I had to work Friday evening and saturday alone, I had to prepare everthing for Aladine, before Sunday.

Friday I contacted Aladine to propose to him a idea of game around the Theme “Throne”, the idea was really simple, to merge a 2D platformer (like Mario) with a shoot-them-up, in a multi-players game. We was both very excited by this poject, I started by think the main Gameplay, it is a racing game in wich the players have to reach the top to become king but it can only have one “king of the world”. To fight, the players can use fireballs, push each-others and jump on each-others… But beware to rocks falling from the sky. The gameplay was ready I made a level in PNG with photoshop, I also made a document to explain everythings about the game and sended it to Aladine with the assets and animations. The saturday evening we talked about the project and Sunday morning, Aladine was ready to start. In the Sunday afternoon I answered to his questions and the evening (6pm) I started the play-tests then I send to him the news Level Design. We used unity to make colisions directly with the PNG, so it was really easy and fast to change the level design, I just had to make the levels on photoshop and to save my work in PNG. Thanks to Matthieu Maudet (Composer, Sound Designer) who gived to us a great music and I used  Freesound.org to find sounds that we could used.

“A lot of peoples came and cameback”

King of the world was for the first time at Geekopolis one week later, at Paris. We had less than 48h to create this game, it was difficult but really fun to do. We was there, me and the Sound Designer Matthieu Maudet, To the Geekopolis festival, to show our game “King of the world”. Our game was a success! We made a game Fun and adictive, playable by anyone. A lot of peoples came and cameback for play with us to the Geekopolis event, it was great to see so much peoples have fun with the result of our work. I want to say thank you to Aladine Dhiabi, a great develloper and a friend since I finished to learn at ISART Digital Paris.

Aladine Dhiabi : Programmer, Matthieu Maudet : Sound Designer, DoX : Graphic/Game Designer.


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