One year before the Oculus Rift!

One year before the Oculus Rift‘s Kickstarter, I was to a Global Game Jam organised by ISART Digital Paris. There I met the VR Geeks, an association made to use and  to developpe VR applications. they was working on a game VR for this event with their own VR headset handmade. I told them that if they needed a graphic designer in the futur, I could help them. this association had only programmers, so they was happy that I proposed my help, but they also told me that the VR Geeks was new and they didn’t have a project yet. So I decided to take  one week to prepare something for them. A week later I was there, to their assossiation’s meeting and I presented to them “Sadistic”.

Sadistic is game designed especialy for VR with Unity, this game ask to the player to look around him and to use his sense of direction, to progress in a giant cubic maze. The player have also the ability to modificate the level design, by moving the corridors. Two people was motivated by this project and came to work with me, they quickly developpe this project and a few weeks later the game was ready for the “Laval Virtual” the famous international exhibition about technologies. Sadistic was playable there and a lot of people could enjoy it.

When the Oculus Rift DK1 was avaible (after a successful campaign on Kickstarter), I made a version of “Sadistic” for the Oculus Rift by myself.


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